Electrical Engineer

Company: Arbin Instruments

Salary: $60,000 - $90,000 a year

Location: College Station, TX 77845

Job Description: This position involved with Product analyze, improvement, engineering test and provide technical support for other departments. Major Areas of Responsibility: Conduct engineering test to analyze our product. Troubleshoot our module in component level. Write engineering documents. Communicate with different vendors concerning component & equipment. Provide technical support to production team. Analyze our product circuit, provide suggestion of design improvement. Primary Objectives: This position aims to ensure our product hardware feature works well and further analyze product’s performance by analyze/experiments/test. This position also provides documents and support to other teams regarding hardware topics. This position works closely with other team (software team, support team, production team) Specific Responsibilities of the Job (Optional): Conduct engineering test to analyze our product. Reproduce reported issue/bug Verify new feature/new fix Evaluate system limitation/performance during different scenario Perform specific test per customer’s need. Troubleshoot our module in component level: Analyze module schematic and locate potential issue area. Check each related component and locate the actual cause. Replace/modify component to fix the issue. Write engineering documents: Internal documents include but not limited to: Module assemble/testing instruction Module troubleshoot procedure Module/Product/Feature Introduction Engineering test report. External documents include but not limited to: Product white paper (technical introduction). Product General Introduction. Product Specification sheet. Communicate with different vendors concerning component & equipment: Communicate with vendors to find new/substitute component for our product. Communicate with vendors to find appropriate test equipment. May join special project such as UL/CSA certification. Provide technical support to production team: Help evaluate our product in production when they are not performing correctly. Troubleshoot the issue and solve it (software team may be involved if it’s software related). Analyze our product circuit, provide suggestion of design improvement. Learn our product electrical schematic design. Find out design flaw/potential risk of our product, suggest modification. Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Have basic Electrical Engineering knowledge including component/circuit analyze. Understand analog circuit theory and digital circuit theory. Able to read component’s datasheet. Able to use multimeter, oscilloscope and other common equipment. Familiar with Altium designer or similar design tools. Good learning ability and attitude Able to handle multiple tasks Knowledge of Power system/Power Electronics is preferred. Knowledge of C++ language is preferred. Education and Experience: Degree or equivalent experience: BS or above in Electrical Engineering Years of experience: 0 or above Specialized training in: Electrical or electronics Active affiliations: None Other requirements (certifications and so forth): None Physical Demands (Optional, e.g., for production/logistics): None Work Environment: Office/Lab/Facility combined About Arbin Instruments: Arbin Instruments has been providing testing equipment for energy storage applications large and small for over 30 years. Nestled in the lush Brazos Valley, Arbin’s headquarters and production facility is located in College Station, spanning approximately 65,000 square feet and housing our administrative, manufacturing, R&D, marketing, support, sales, and operations personnel. At Arbin, we understand the vital role energy storage plays in our everyday life and its importance to our future. This is why we work hard to provide the best service and testing equipment as a tool for both researchers and industry. Dr. John Zhang, Arbin’s owner, has more than 10 patents in his name that are utilized in our products and he remains our chief research and development scientist. Arbin is a leading global supplier of testing instruments for the energy storage market. We have offices around the world including Germany, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and most recently India and Vietnam. Our customers include some of the largest electric vehicle manufacturers, consumer electronics manufacturers, universities and research labs, and battery manufacturers around the world. To find out more about Arbin visit our website at www.arbin.com.

Job Type: Full-time

Company Description:

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