Solar Photovoltaic Laborer

Company: Larry M Hamilton dba ALL Save Energy

Salary: $20 an hour

Location: Lodi, CA 95242

Job Description:

Work with balance of crew to assist the installation of Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Renewable Energy Products, such as but not limited to; Solar PV, Back-Up Batteries, and Generators. Projects include Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural installations. Work includes being on roofs and ladders, and moving up to 50 lbs.

This position will require participation in some or all of the following, and may include participation in similar activities not mentioned below, in order to assist the installation of renewable energy products:
  • Trenching & Digging
  • Concrete & Formwork
  • Cutting & Installing Steel and Aluminum Rails
  • Penetrating Roofs
  • Wood Framing
  • Erection & Assembly of Steel Carports
  • Working on Ladders, Rooftops, Lifts, etc…
  • Working with Power Tools and Equipment Specific to the Industry
  • Clean Up and Jobsite Organization
  • Not Responsible for Electrical Systems!

This position will have a responsibility to work as a team alongside of co-workers to accomplish a high quality installation, conducted in a professional manner. This position shall be supervised and operate in coordination with other employees. This position holds no responsibility for any scope of work outside that which may be considered “skilled labor”, and shall not be assigned to work outside of such basic tasks. This position will occasionally take orders from the “Solar Installer 2” position, in order to expedite certain tasks.

Job Type: Full-time

Company Description:

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