Sunrun Solar Jobs

Sunrun Solar Jobs
Sunrun Solar Jobs

Sunrun is the largest residential solar installer in the United States. They are big, with company revenue of between $16-$18 billion. The company designs, finances, installs, and maintains solar panels on houses across the country. Sunrun offers solar to homeowners as subscription service which requires to upfront costs. This may be a nice option for people who want solar but don't have the money available to purchase a solar system outright.

Sunrun also offers battery storage as an option to complement a solar array on your home. Batteries are an increasingly important consideration in areas with solar net metering rules have changed as they have recently in California.

The company is always looking to fill new roles for Solar Installers, Solar Sales, Energy Sales Retail Associates, Removal and Reinstall Technicians, Site Survey Technicians, Staff Software Engineers, Technical Program Managers and many more.

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